Perspective: Content As King

Why it pays to treat yourself royally.

It pays to be the king. Literally. Because of all the areas in which you can spend time, effort and marketing dollars, content is the one that trumps all – and is your strongest suite when it comes to moving audiences to your cause, business or brand.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Have a look at what this Smart Insights survey says. It reveals what businesses felt was the single biggest digital marketing tool they believed would drive business for them. And guess what: Content was the single-most important marketing trend.

Opinion: Your website is your most important content marketing tool.

Your web presence is vital to how customers and prospective customers perceive you. Meaning its content deserves pride of place in your priorities and for three important reasons:

  1. It is likely to be the single-biggest provider of information to those who initially want to know more about your business. Or others who want keep up with your latest developments, service or product enhancements, news, etc. This alone makes your site’s content king when it comes to acquiring new customers or growing business from existing clientele.
  1. Your site gives you the ability to add value and credibility with your audiences by giving them information that will make them (or at least make them feel) smarter and aware of ways to be more productive. As such it is critical to keep your site “alive” with content that is current and engaging. In other words if your content is static, your site is dead. So long live the king!
  1. The right content gives you the opportunity to hear what your audience has to say – in other words, to begin conversations that grow into relationships and more business. A good king listens.

That’s why your website has to work harder than even the best collateral and most dedicated sales reps…

And why “The King” needs good advisors. Engaging your audience 24/7, your site needs to invite visitors to participate in your vision by interacting with its content. Which can be a very tall order for businesses of any size.

So why not see checkout how decades’ experience in creating and managing content has been a kingmaker for companies worldwide?  Drop me a line or give me a call to see what the royal treatment is all about. And remember, Long Live The King!

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