Content Development: A Demand Gen Perspective

Every company has a voice. So how is your content speaking for you?

Whether you’re talking websites, emails, banners, eBooks, or infographics, the voice you use is critical to connecting to your audience. And if you want them to remember you, to act on an offer, or find out more about what you do, the voice you use has to be yours.

That’s why you need writing that reflects three key skills…A talent for storytelling, a love for learning your target audience and above all the ability to listen carefully and reflect your voice when addressing people’s needs.

Take, for example, the challenge faced by DMB Realty…

DMB invested heavily in collateral and display ads for what would become one of the Southwest’s most coveted and exclusive golf communities: Silverleaf. But in repurposing the content to generate sales leads, DMB’s general agency neglected that all-important voice and the aspirations of its audience. And that was an expensive mistake. Although the lists were spot on, their messaging wasn’t – unintentionally conflating luxury and exclusivity with snobbery.

The campaigns fell flat.

Then DMB contacted Mark Orr and art director Carol Worthington-Levy… Together, we created a one-to-one lead-generation direct mail campaign, crafting a voice using art and copy that was more inclusive and benefit-driven. Speaking to recipients with warmth, credibility and respect, every element reflected best-practice demand generation techniques. Initial returns were impressive and additional tests (including postcards, landing pages and emails) helped drive response and visits to Silverleaf even higher.

The results… Within a year DMB Realty had either sold or developed decisive leads on properties that started at $1 million and would require another $5 to $7 million for a custom-built home. DMB also developed semi-custom homes and townhomes, reaching out to highly-qualified leads who didn’t prefer the higher-end homes, but still wanted to be part of this amazing Scottsdale development. See our sample.